Session Blog: Coyote Kids – Our Life EP – Part 2

Late Night’s and Neon Lights

This past weekend was a solid one for the Coyote Kids – after closing out the Wakestock Dean Blundell kick-off party on Friday night, we tracked the last two songs for their updoming EP.


We followed a similar tracking setup technically speaking, as the last session, but with a few extra mic’s (hi hats and a room mic in the upper loft for good measure).

The condenser we threw up in the loft above the drums (along with the intro recorded at a recent gig) went a long way towards getting the desired “live performance” vibe on Butterscotch Parade


Laid Back…

This session we took things a little slower, only finishing two songs in a day as opposed to four – this resulted in a much more relaxed session and in my opinion, even better performances than the last session as you can see from the video below.