Whats Happening “Now” at the Red Room?

January 2016

I’m back in the studio this month with Swampy & the Note Troll recording demos for our new LP coming out later in 2016 – this one will have more funk and psychedelic undertones than our blues based debut, Mandatory Minimums.

Getting out to tour a bit last year was good for the soul and the lessons we learned from field testing our material is already affecting our studio process is a very positive way.

The first single will be the spooky psychedelic indie-folk track “Ghosts of the Gone” which we think would be a great tune for sync placements – we just finished the final “polishing” stage of the production process, experimenting with accent parts, shaping of tones and other fun stuff.

You can check the song out below:


I just finished up an EP for Georgian Bay blues men Not Ottawa which will be dropping in March.

The bulk of the recording process was done at Kennedy Recording in Creemore with overdubs and mixing/mastering completed at the Red Room – you can expect to hear a few tracks from this debut effort on the northern airwaves in the near future.


I’m stoked to announce an exciting new partnership with my friends at KDR Music Group out of Atlanta GA which gets rolling this month.

I will be serving as the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) on this exciting, top secret project which will cause some serious waves in the music industry over the coming years.

In a year where “Hell Yeah!” projects are the name of the game, this one is off the charts.

Stay tuned…